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The development of people is always critical but is particularly so in such a restricted trade as Offshore Food Supply where there is no large pool of people with the type of experience required to readily recruit. Strachans are therefore pro-active in attracting ambitious people who can be trained in the particular requirements of the business and who invariably bring a fresh approach to a mature business.

One tradition Strachans have worked hard to continue is that of accessibility. The close working relationship between customers and senior managers is one of the keys to the success of the company. The hands-on approach and teamwork involving the directors and senior managers in the daily management of the Company, ensures a close and regular contact between the Company and its customers.

Strachans core business lies in the offshore sector where it has carved out a niche market for itself in the UK over the years. Currently we supply well over 100 North Sea Oil Installations in UKCS, servicing 7 major Caterers and Self-Caterers, making Strachans the Market Leader within the Offshore Foodservice industry.

Food service is Strachans core business and as such the company is fully committed to this industry, with no distractions. The company has led the industry to many significant improvements most notably temperature-controlled containers and insert cages. The comprehensive alterations to the warehousing and yard space, increasing not only the available space but bringing logistical and organisational improvements, illustrates that Strachans believe in, and are prepared to invest in, the future of the business.

Business revolves around people and the quality of personnel within a company determines how that company operates and progresses. Strachans are proud of their staff and the vast amount of relevant experience they share.


Strachans adhere to the requirements set out in the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Click the link below to view our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement:

Strachans Ltd Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2015-2016

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North Sea Stores have joined with us to provide added expertise to our operation in Aberdeen port.


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