North Sea Stores
The newest recruit to the Strachans fold in UK.


Strachans are delighted to announce that North Sea Stores have joined up with the group to provide added expertise to our operation in Aberdeen port.


Strachans are particularly pleased that Steven Whyte, owner of North Sea Stores has joined us to give the benefit of his lifetime of experience in the ship supply business.

North Sea Stores were Aberdeen's oldest ships' stores suppliers having started trading in 1926 and have been owned and run by the Whyte family until 2015.

North Sea Stores business has always been and will continue to be, supplying provisions, cabin stores and cleaning products to all types of vessels working in the North Sea, from supply ships to anchor handlers, tugs, sub sea and production vessels, fishing boats and cargo ships. Nothing will change with regards to the quality of items provided however the added depth of support available through the Strachans facilities will bring improved logistics and economies of scale which will bring benefits to all our customers.

As always, when plans change and stores have to be delivered at short notice, the team will be on hand to make sure all your needs are completely catered for. We look forward to continuing to supply to former North Sea Stores clients and to expanding the business together with the strong Strachans team.

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