has grown from a local corner shop in the North-east of Scotland to become the UKs leading food distributors to the marine catering trade, with markets onshore and offshore, nationally and internationally.

A Brief History

The first shop was opened in Peterhead in 1939 by John Strachan, a former fisherman, and expanded into wholesale supply several years later after his son, Jim, joined the firm. Jim Strachan then through a lifetime of work built up the strong foundations on which the firm now sits. In turn, his son James, now heads the company and continues to progress the work of his father and grand-father.

While still firmly based in Peterhead, Strachans has long since expanded its horizons. The company has evolved through a chain of retail shops and a wholesale grocery business until, in 1980, it was decided to concentrate on food distribution to the catering industry.

A new chapter was born in the history of the company when the business was acquired by Wrist Ship Supply in May 2011. For the company to reach its full potential globally, a change to the direction of the business was required. Today, Strachans has three depots geared to the highest quality of service and competitive pricing in meeting the requirements of customers throughout the UK, whilst working closely with Wrist Ship Supply to provide for the needs of our clients worldwide. 


More About Us

North Sea Stores

North Sea Stores have joined with us to provide added expertise to our operation in Aberdeen port.


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